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FOG Series

long exposures of san francisco’s famous fog

San Francisco Fog by Eric Herrmann

Every so often, San Francisco is covered in a disorienting and mesmerizing layer of incredibly dense fog. I love those days. Yet, I never know when they will come or how long they will last. I’ve been slowly working on a series of images that captures these eerily beautiful days. It is one of the more frustrating set of images I’ve tried to capture — mostly because I cannot control it. Some days, I’m ready and waiting, yet there is no fog. Other days, I’m rushing from home to work, the fog and the light are perfect, but I have no time and no camera. These images require equipment that does not lend itself to spontaneity, yet the moments they capture are impossible to plan for.

I hope the increase of wet weather this winter leads to far more opportunities to add to this series — each time I walk away with one of these images, I’m reminded of why I love photography so much in the first place.

San Francisco Fog by Eric Herrmann San Francisco Fog by Eric Herrmann San Francisco Fog by Eric Herrmann

Prints of these images, as well as many others, are available via the prints link above, or at