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Mission Bay + Big Stopper

an eerie landscape with the lee big stopper 10-stop neutral density filter

Mission Bay with LEE Big Stopper

I found this little spot a few weeks back while driving to work. It was a perfect foggy morning and I was dying to shoot it! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of my gear with me, so I had to pass it up. I recently got a new LEE Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter and have been waiting and waiting for another super foggy eerie morning. Finally, it happened this morning — one of the foggiest mornings I remember. Luckily, the back of my car was almost full of camera gear, including my new 10-stop Big Stopper.

After almost killing myself jumping around on slippery mossy rocks, here is my first image with the 10-stop ND filter. After dialing down my aperture and ISO, and popping on the Big Stopper, I was able to turn my 1/15th of a second test exposure into a 180 second exposure (3 minutes)! So far… I love this thing.

EricHerrmann_SanFrancisco_MissionBay_01 EricHerrmann_SanFrancisco_MissionBay_02

New Commercial Architecture Work

testing out my new Canon 24mm TS-E II around Mission Bay, San Francisco

Architectural Photograph of the Mission Bay Parking Structure

This is the Mission Bay 27 Block Parking Structure designed by WRNSSTUDIO in San Francisco.