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Paprika Recipe App

environmental product photography of the Paprika app

Eric Herrmann — Paprika App Recipe Manager App

Every once in a while, a true studio product shot just doesn’t really do a product justice. Sometimes you need to take it out of the studio and put a little context around whatever it is you’re shooting. That’s the case for the image above of the Paprika app. It’s a recipe managing app, and it’s awesome. It’s available on iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac, is super easy to use, and looks really nice too. There are so many apps these days that just show screenshots or drop a screenshot into a stock image of a tablet or device, but none of them ever seem to really relate to the product. So, for this shot, I really wanted to show the Paprika app on a real device, in an environment it would actually get used in.

Product Photography

recent images from my product photography portfolio

Eric Herrmann — Big Jambox Eric Herrmann — T3 Eric Herrmann — Clinique

The images above are a small taste of some of the product shots I’ve worked on recently. Unfortunately, I’m not able to share all of my product and commercial work here, but I try to post what I can. Expect more to be coming soon!

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

a brief update on some recent product photography — featuring some special Irish whiskey

Eric Herrmann — Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

A recent shot of Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch — it looks really good, but it tastes even better! It’s always fun to shoot products that look really awesome, but it’s not always easy. Often times, the best looking products have bunch of different surface textures and materials that all have to be lit just right in order to make them really look their best, and this bottle was certainly no exception — foil stamping, embossed text, matte labels, glossy labels, colored glass, liquor… but when they’re all lit appropriately, it really does make a beautiful bottle.